Sell e-currency with Bank Transfer
  Ecurrency Fee * Min-Max Amount Bank Fee  
  Liberty Reserve USD 1.9% (minimum 3.5 USD) 50000 USD Our bank does not charge bank fees for Asia Bank Transfers ( within Asia).
  Liberty Reserve EUR 1.9% (minimum 3.5 USD) 50000 EUR Additional Bank fee 20USD/EUR is charged for out-going bank wire transfer worldwide.  
  *Minimum fee is always charged according the received currency ( If we receive LR USD payment, we charge 3.5 USD min fee).  
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Max limit for Liberty reserve OutExange is 50000 USD
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EPG Fees
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(--) Minus EGP fee : 3.5% (min fee 3.5 USD/EUR )
(--) Minus Fee charged by our bank: USD
EGP will send the bank wire worth of :
Exchange Rate 1.0 USD/
EGP Help
I sell Liberty Reserve in the amount / currency
Fill in the amount and currency
To my Bank account located in / currency
If your bank in located in the ASIA, please select option My Bank in in ASIA. otherwise select My Bank is outside ASIA. Payments within ASIA zone are free of Bank fees. Australia is a part of ASIA.
Your Liberty Reserve account
Type in your ecurrency account (for Liberty Reserve for example U62544 ... ).
Please select the country where your bank is. If you cannot find your country, please select My account is outside ASIA.
Bank account number / IBAN
For payments outside ASIA, please type in the IBAN code. The IBAN is a 15 to 31 digit code depending on the country. It start with 2 letter country code ( for example DE for Germany). For payments inside ASia, please type in the bank account number (just the account number, no routing number or bank code.)
Bank SWIFT/BIC code
This is the international code of your bank.
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This is the name of your bank account (usually your first and last name) .
You will receive instructions and order notification to your e-mail address.
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